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Mileage Adustments FAQ’s



Our engineers are certified and offer you a professional service

Customer satisfaction is top of our list and a twelve month guarantee

Mileage correction is not something that needs to be taken lightly. It is complex procedure
that requires the ut most attention and detail if the job is to be completed. We not only have 18 years experience be we are constantly investing in time and money in research and development give you the customer value for money and a professionally completed job.

Your decision to have mileage correction on your vehicle may be important, however
it is even more important to use a trusted professional company, we guarantee the work and we offer a quality service with competitive pricing structure, We are at the forefront to offer you the best services using the latest technologically advanced equipment, for motorcycles, cars and vans. DIGIDASH

We are constantly approached to correct other companies bad workmanship,
dont be one of them, and get the job done once and correctly.



Our Service

Our guarantee service is available to you by our fully qualified professionals.


Why Us?

Putting it simply, were simply the best, were the most reliable mileage correction company in the industry.

We can honestly boast we can service any make model and age car, we can boast this because we have eighteen years experience and the most upto date equipment, with trained and qualified professional engineers. We come with a twelve month guarantee and peace of mind.


Is it Legal ( Disclaimer)

Adjusting a vehicles digital dash is NOT illegal, it is illegal to knowingly sell the vehicle without disclosing the adjustment to the new buyer.


Postal Service

This is a unique service that allows the customer to post the dash components to us to have the
odometer corrected.