Adjust Your Mileometer Safely
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Mileage Adjustments

Mileage Adjustments

Mileage Adjustments with Digidash are safe and legal

Our Adjustment is a 100% legal procedure


Adjusting a car’s mileage is a legally abiding procedure whereby special care must be taken to ensure that damage is not made to the surrounding parts and apparatus. Sometimes car odometers can become broken or faulty and require an expert to alter so that the correct mileage is shown. Many people tend to panic when their odometer breaks as they do not realise that they can legally have their milometer corrected or fixed. Odometers can be set to any reading and Digidash mileage adjustments ensure that a smooth operation is provided, even giving a 12 month warranty and 100% guarantee for the mileage recalibration procedure.

State of the art Mileage Adjustment Equipment

Often cars, particularly newer digital odometers can me made very tricky to adjust and that is why it is inevitable that your digital mileage adjustment provider is 100% confident that they can do a perfect job on your make or model. Digidash mileage adjustment apparatus has a value of over £15,000, so don’t let somebody turn up with a screwdriver and a spanner expecting to do a perfect job it is simply not going to happen. In order to make sure that your mileage correction goes 100% smoothly it is worth having the comfort of knowing that the company who you are dealing with are using the very highest standard of apparatus.

Use Mileage Correction for All Locations

Mileage adjustments are often performed on  vehicles and can be provided for recalibrating more than one car at a time. Digidash are also willing to travel to the following locations to perform mileage corrections: Birmingham, London, Cornwall, Bristol, Brighton, Gloucester, St Albans, Essex, Kent, Southampton, Portsmouth, Sussex, Norwich, Nottingham, Derby, and Chesterfield and all areas in and around the local regions.

The Facts

There are some misunderstandings about mileage adjustment and some people feel that it is illegal. The fact is – it is not illegal to get your odometer corrected. But it is illegal to sell the vehicle without actually disclosing this adjustment to the buyer. Mileage adjustments are essential and should be given due importance.

The procedure in itself is very complex and not many companies are able to handle it with the kind of expertise we have. It is vital that you do not go to a fly-by-night operator for odometer adjustments. They may charge you a little less than what we charge, but if they do a shoddy job, it will impact the working of the dash mechanism.

Expert Handling

We at Digi Dash Ltd, ensure that all the work is handled with the highest levels of expertise and that there are no faults in the system. We also ensure that the problem will not recur. We have been in this business for the last 18 years, and in this time have helped thousands of customers with mileage adjustments. We are a company in constant innovation-mode and use the latest technology to ensure that our work is always up to the mark and that our customers are completely satisfied with our services.

Make the Right Choice

And so when you make this very important decision to get your odometer adjusted, make sure that you are choosing the right company to handle it for you. We handle every job in a very professional manner. What’s more- we provide you with a 12 month guarantee and provide the best services for cars, motorcycles and vans. We are also approached by customers who want us to rectify the job that some mediocre companies have handled. When you come to us for mileage adjustment- you know that the job will get done right, the first time around.