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Digidash Services

Mileage crorrection, airbag repair and bhp tuning

Digidash provide mileage correction, adjustment service plus bhp tuning and airbag repair services.

Digidash Services – Mileage – BHP – Air Bag

Digidash are not just mileage adjustment experts, we are also able to perform many other tuning services to your car such as airbag repairs, and brake horse power tuning, although mileage corrections are our forte, we offer an unrivalled service for our airbag and bhp tuning, so much so that Digidash offer a 12 month warranty on our services!

No matter what part of the UK you are from we will in most cases come and perform tuning, corrections and adjustments to your fleet.

Faulty airbag repairs can end up costing a fortune especially if you go to a local dealer, for us this is a walk in the park, because Digidash have all the latest tuning technology it takes us a much quicker time than if you were to go to your basic mechanic down the road.

BHP performance tuning can not only drastically improve the performance of your car but because it is statistically proven to improve fuel economy, so in a world where we are paying so much in petrol and diesel costs, this can be a huge benefit to keep your wallet nice and heavy whilst speeding away from the other cars on the road with ease!

Faulty Airbags and Airbag Ecu Crash Repairs

We are able to repair and reprogram your blown airbag computer module.

Even if you have not had a crash and the light is on, then this can be an internal module error.

We clear both the fault and crash codes.

Your module will work as if you had bought a new one. It will work in exactly the same way as the original one.

You will not have to recode the module to the vehicle.

All makes and models are repairable.

Mileage Correction

Mileage correction is a service offered to correct the mileage data display on all digital odometer clusters and dashboards when a fault has occurred. This would normally result in very expensive main dealer recoding or even complete dash/cluster replacements which can cost a fortune.

At Digidash we can save these costs by correcting the vehicles data to show the correct mileage of the vehicle.

Bhp Performance Tuning

Increases power and torque

Improves fuel economy

Reduces carbon emissions

We offer a fully mobile professional service.

All services carry a 12 month guarantee

Legal Disclaimer

Adjusting vehicle mileage is illegal only if you intend to sell without disclosing the correction carried out in the mileage.

We comply fully with all laws regarding odometer correction. It is an offence to sell a vehicle showing a lower or higher reading unless the buyer is informed of the true reading. Digidash take no responsibility for any illegal use of our service.

Digidash accept no responsibility or issue of compensation for work on vehicles that have existing faults or have previously been worked on by a third party.

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