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About Digidash

About Digidash Mileage Adjustments

Digidash have been established since 1993 by the White family, who are experts in fine tuning vehicles and has a passion for performance cars and enhancements. Over  the years Digidash has built up strong relationships with used car Garages and new dealerships alike, in order to provide a solution to Mileage odometer problems so that they can be adjusted securely with no risk to the vehicle.

Digidash pride themselves on a strong, confidential relationship with all their clients and work exactly to their needs and requirements, Digidash also use 2012 odometer adjustment equipment which is the very highest spec. They also give a full one year warranty and also a 100% guarantee that the work that they carry out will be problem free. Regardless of what car it is Digidash have the solution to your mileage adjustment needs, as they are proud to say that they can perform adjustments ON ANY VEHICLE.